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Wax Foundation is available in a variety of different types.

Deep Brood Wax Foundation is a thicker heaver foundation. It is used for brood chambers that must withstand years of use and manipulation or honey super frames that must withstand the stress of an extractor. Deep Brood Wax Foundation does not contain any wire reinforcements.

Wired Wax Foundation is a good foundation to use when you don’t want to have to worry about wiring your own. Wired Wax Foundation is available with or without hooks.

Hooks are the ends of the crimp wire that extend beyond the edge of the foundation and are bent so that they fit under the top bar wedge for added strength once it is nailed back into place.

  • The 8 1/2 inch foundation is used with 9 1/8 inch frames and 9 5/8 inch deep supers.
  • The 5 5/8 inch foundation is used with 6 1/4 inch frames and 6 5/8 inch deep supers.
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