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Beekeeping Tools, Supplies & Equipment

Beekeepers have a special set of tools when working with honeybees.  Here you will find everything you need to work your hives, harvest and process your honey.

Hive Tools, Smokers, Frames Grips

Fume Boards, Bee Escapes and Bee Brushes

Uncapping Knives, Capping Scratchers, Comb Cutters

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10 Inch Hive Tool, hive tool, beekeeper tool, beekeepers hand tool, pry tool, beekeeping tool
Spur Wire Embedder, wire embedder, frame wire embedder, frame wire insertion, frame wire tool
Eyelet Punch, eyelet insertion tool, eyelet tool
Frame Cleaner Hook, beehive frame cleaner, beekeeping frame cleaner, frame cleaner tool