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How To Paint A Beehive

How to Paint a Beehive

It is usually best to paint a beehive a very light color such as white.  Light colors do not absorb as much energy from direct sunlight and therefore the hive will be a little cooler on hot days.  However if you live in a colder climate then you may want to consider a slightly darker color.

You will want to use an outdoor paint.  It does not really matter if it is water based or oil based as long as the paint is thoroughly dried before installing your bees.  Latex paint is the most common and works well.  Many times paint stores will have deeply discounted cans of paint that cannot be sold at full price because the color is not quite right.  These cans of paint provide an excellent opportunity to save a little money because the bees will not care what color you choose as long as it is a light shade and an outdoor paint.  Feel free to paint designs, portraits, murals, or anything else your heart desires so long as it is on the outside of the hive and does not cause the overall color of the hive to be too dark.

Brushes, foam pads, rollers, and sprayers are all acceptable applicators for painting a beehive.

Be sure to paint all exterior surfaces of the hive and not the interior surfaces.  The bottom board is the only exception it should be painted inside and out.  You will not paint the inner cover or the frames because they are inside parts.  It is not necessary to paint the edges of the supers as doing so may cause the parts to stick together especially when the hive is full of honey and has a lot of weight on the edges.

Allow the paint plenty of time to dry.  How much drying time is needed will depend on the paint used but usually a few days is sufficient.  Once the paint is dry you are ready to install your bees.